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There are plenty of branded domain auctions which ends up with less price as it's Winning bid, because there were only very few visitors to your auction URL. Giant auction market players like Namejet, have more than 30,000+ domains in their site for auction.

That's the reason that most likely you only have very few visitors to your auction page and obviously very less bids or sometimes no bids. Godaddy auction has an option to bring more visitors to your auction page. It's their homepage / category Featured listing for your domain to reach the huge crowd. But to separate your domain auction from other domains, listing fee is to be paid.

Even when you pay for homepage / feature / category listing and still you require more intersting visitors for your auction URL, then there are paid listing sites that can help you bring more interesting visitors to your auction.

At, our site has reached to more than 66,000 visitors / week which might bring interesting buyer to your domain auction page.

We charge very low price ($5/week listing). Not all the domains are accepted for listing in homepage header or footer. Only very few selected domains are listed. Selection process is purely the decision taken by the author to list or to reject. You may contact the author with the following details.

Your domain name: 
Your Auction / Offer URL :
Your date when to list :

Note:- By reading this article, you acknowledge that you agree to mention the date and time in IST by converting your auction start / end time.

We don't guarantee the number of visitors to your auction page. You may receive our visitor to your auction page only based on the visitor's interest in checking your domain auction page.

For more information, contact us here.

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