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How to sell domains in market places

Domain Names with their TLDs

Truth about selling domain names:

This article gonna disappoint few readers, but that's the fact. Earlier when people wanna buy a domain they consider the traffic that domain name can generate ( Keyword domain ). As soon as the market places emerged, people want to sell their domains for money generating a profitable business. There has been lot of domain owners, who come forward to buy and sell
the domains. There were only keyword domains that sell at huge prices earlier. As keywords are the liquid domain names, most of the keyword domains has been registered by people and kept it ideal, thinking that these domains will sell in later years for high prices when there is a market change.
In the current market, the're two things you need to understand in selling your domains. Before we get into how you can increase your domain sales, it’s time for a real check.
In general, most of the domains that sell in today's world is
one/two/even three word English domains with .com extension and a four/three/two character acronym domains with .com extension. if your inventory contains non .com domains or domains that consists of invented words, there is a high probability that your domains doesn't sell.

Most end user buyers don’t know where to look for secondary market domain names. As a result, they become generally confused and frustrated by the whole process in obtaining their interested domain names.

There are few tips mentioned below, for you to sell your domains in market places. The best practices that help selling your domain include,

  • Display "for sale" message in your domain's home page
By doing this, you inform your domain visitor that this domain is for sale and interested buyer can acquire it. To be frank, this will bring most of the end users interested in acquiring your domain name.

  • List your domain in the market places.

Most of the domain name investors are like be in touch with the domain markets, most of the time. Let them know that your domain is for sale, by listing it in the market places.

  • Decide your fixed price of your domain to list it as buy now option.
Deciding a fixed price to your domain is the hot key for a domain to sell likely in the domain market. When you add a buy now option, interested buyers can buy your domain within their budget.

  • Change your domain whois record "for sale" message.
Displaying "for sale" message in your whois record ( domain ownership record information ). You may use the the Company  name for displaying "for sale" message. But please be noted that
there will be a 60 day lock period at your registrar if you change your ownership records, meaning that the domain cannot be transferred to other registrars until 60 days of changes. Still you should be able to push your domains to the buyer account of the same registrar. Mostly,  all of the domain registrars locks domains transfers out of them to another registrar if  the ownership records has been changed.

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