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How to price your domains

Let's look at how to price your domains in order to help you get more sales today.

Why pricing matters ?
Buyers don't like to be left in the dark, they want to know exactly how much it cost to buy a domain they like. Compare it to buying a house, buyers always want to know the price before they decide to make an offer. A similar concept applies to domain names, when you display a price, you will receive more offers!

The right price for your domains:

Buying and selling domain names is a matter of supply and demand, prices fluctuate based on the interest of buyers. Therefore, it's incredibly important to set a competitive "buy now" price and a "starting offer" which allows potential buyers to start a negotiation.

Many factors influence the value of a domain.

  • Number of characters: 
   the shorter, the better
  • Extension / Language combination:

.com is by far the most valuable extension. However, it's better to use .com if you are using a term in the English language
  • Dictionary words

Domains that include real words are more valuable
  • Search volume
if a lot of people are searching for this keyword on Google, then your domain has more value.
  • Type-in or Backlinks traffic:
 Do people type your domain directly in their browser? The more type-ins, the better! or of your domain has lots of backlinks your domain is better likely to sell.
Also the're few more other factors mentioned in the link for your reference, Click here.
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