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Verisign says How To Invest In Domain Names

A Domain name investing is similar in many ways to financial investment, and picking a domain name within a specific top-level domain (TLD) for your domain name is much like picking a stock or commodity.

Understand the work involved:

Registering a domain name is only one part of domain investing. Developing a viable, valuable domain name takes
additional effort, such as understanding how search rankings and traffic can impact your investment. A domain name’s value can come from driving traffic to a corresponding website. If you choose to develop a website, the TLD you choose for your domain can increase, or impede, traffic to your site. In fact, some tools may give
preference to established TLDs, like .com. Although TLDs, such as new gTLDs, are being introduced as a new opportunity, getting traffic to a site with less-established TLDs may become challenging. Established TLDs that appear reputable and familiar to Web visitors, such as .com and .net, can lead to higher search rankings and traffic, providing the best opportunity to grow value.

Know your market :

Build an understanding of the value of a domain name and how it affects your goals and risk tolerance. Certain assumptions about risk and value can be made
when considering the TLD itself. Domains ending in the .com TLD have demonstrated a higher return and better performance in the secondary market, representing a potentially lower risk domain name investment.

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