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Domain investors who helps people to become entrepreneurs

Who are these domain investors? How do they help business entrepreneurs ?

Every newbie to domaining industry ask these question. Well, Domain investors are the one who helped most of the entrepreneurs to be successful. Let me say you how.

Initially, when there were very few people in the world in 10, 001+ BC doesn't have a problem in calling someone using sounds. But when the population grows, there comes the name for an individual.

After continuous growth of human communication names diversify into various categories, like sounds, words, etc.

Previously, When someone wanna visit a website, he should know the ip address of it. As ip addresses are hard to remember, Domain Name Systems were introduced.

Domain name service (DNS) paved the way for Internet growth. DNS translates domain names into an ip address, which points the domain where it's hosted and served. This is where domain names become popular. When the quantity of the websites in the internet grow, Domain investors acquire hundreds of thousands of domain names that can sell to the right buyer.

Boring right. Let's come to the point. Domain investors target domain names which has high market value / potential for any business. Same Name can be used in different businesses. Based on the market value, domain investors reaches the crowd / end user who can buy the domain names which already has some value before it can be used.

Market value of domain changes based on various cause. One among them is the demand and supply of domain names to the end user.

As domain name is the backbone for a online businesses, Domain investors invests money in acquiring domain names and sell the domains to the end user.

In Every domain auction markets, I can see that many dictionary domain names sold at high prices before Chinese domain investors enters the market.

In conclusion,  As the market has been reversed,
the current market allows a low budget domain investors to purchase a dictionary name rather than a numeric names that can be sold to the end user.

Market trends are always suspicious or not stable. Domain investors helps the entrepreneurs / startups by providing the right domain and explain to the end user why the domain is so special. It's the buyer's decision whether to go for a startup with some value already in it or let the startup creates the value for its domain.

http://   ---> protocol to communicate
transkript ---> domain name
.net ---> domain extension

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