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Does multiple keyword domains help SEO ?

It’s a certainty that nowadays websites and blogs depend on SEO techniques. Google even counts keywords from your domain name and invests them with authority. If you are searching for property and your site is called “”, you have the most chances to be on the first page in the search engines. It’s not known how much keyword domains help pages ranking, but it’s definitely one of the Google’s factors.

If you have a keyword in the domain name, may help you but having multiple keyword domain names it will do more harm than good. Google is considering web page addresses, with domain names included, as one page. Let’s take an example to see how things are really working. and are two different pages of content and Google knows it. But if both have the same content because you have copied content from first page to the second one Google doesn’t like it. This known as duplicated content and Google may cut your second page and won’t score well. Things can get worst if you are compounding pages and content. It’s still duplicated content, but on different keyword domains.

When you choose a domain name you must know very well what do you want to do and the direction your website will take on a long term, otherwise you will be stuck with a domain name that maybe will no longer represent you or your business years after. When you plan to expand at some point, you must consider all the possible options, keyword domains limit you. Try to not be very specific. An important element to consider as well when you choose is the keyword research. You must be aware of the people that will be searching for your domain name. Chances might be on your side, but not everything that sounds good to you will be catchy for your audience. Don’t waste your money and why not your time, make a research.

You may have multiple domain names, but don’t expect to have them indexed by Google. When you set up a 301-redirect, that will lead the customers where you wanted, it’s like you are announcing Google that your URL doesn’t exist. If you are doing this because your customers misspell your web address or because you don’t want your competitor to have it it’s your choice and it can be useful for you from certain reasons, but don’t expect them to rank.