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.cn and new gtld domain extensions

With Chinese-language websites expected to begin using a domain later this year, brand owners who need to reach Chinese internet users have a cheap and efficient tool to reach Chinese consumers, says Jannik Skou report.

The double digit growth in China’s economy is reflected in the rapid growth of internet users in China. The number of internet users in China has reached an astonishing 384 million, of which 233 million (or 60%) are accessing the internet via their mobile phones.

In fact, each fourth global internet user is now Chinese, and thanks to the heavy investments in 3G services, last year’s growth rate of 29.8% is expected to continue for years to come. Chinese people simply love their mobile phones and PCs to such an extent that TV is no longer the most popular entertainment and information channel.
In other words, to reach Chinese consumers or business partners, you need to be available and easily accessible on the Internet. That means: Chinese websites with Chinese content using .cn domain names.

If you have a subsidiary in China in which you have a majority ownership, you still qualify to register .cn domain names, as long as your Chinese subsidiary is the registrant of the .cn doman names and as long as you insert a Chinese citizen as the contact person for the registration.
‡ CNNIC reTuires the following documents:
- Application form with business seal of the applicant company
- Copy of business certificate in China (plus a “Certificate of Organization Code”)
- Copy of passport of registrant contact person in China (must be a citizen of China)
These documents are to be submitted within five days of the electronic application submission by your domain name registrar; otherwise the application will be cancelled, and you would have to start over by filling in and sealing a new application form, and by having your registrar submit a new registration request to CNNIC resubmitting the necessary documents.

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