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Changes in Domain Market

Where are these changes leading to ?

Operating a top-level domain has become more challenging. Increased competition is placing more and more exacting demands on established and new top-level domains. They have to generate tangible value for customers, either by the top-level domain’s identity or
by additional services. There will most certainly be casualties. .doosan was the first new generic top-level domain to be discontinued, but it will probably not be the last.

All top-level domains are facing increased competition, regardless of whether the organization managing it aims to make a profit for owners and investors, or whether it is a non-profit organization tasked with a social mission. 

Top-level domain has a good reputation as a products that may be linked to specific domains. This could give them the opportunity to take full control of the customers’ experience, giving customers a seamless, streamlined solution, provided they use their products. So far, not much has happened with the top-level domains, but one would be wise to keep an eye on these players in the domain market in the time to come.

Competition may also be external. Increased use of social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, offers alternatives to dedicated websites and email. Unlike domain names, this option locks customers to a single provider and this provider’s terms and conditions for use. In exchange, these services are free, easy to use, and offer attractive added functionality, including the ability to connect users in a community with other users.

For domain investors, increased competition and the large number of new players in the market mean they have a wider selection of options to choose from. For example, registering domains under several different top-level domains could open up new possibilities for
profiling, and reflect an affiliation with specific groups.

The challenge with endless choice, of course, is that it may be difficult to find the right one. Nobody wants to set up the company’s new site under a top-level domain with a reputation for spam and malware. At the same time, this situation is no different from other industries.
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