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27 Year Old Made $1 Million Last Year

 "Growing up, I was always super determined, so I don’t think anyone was surprised with how successful my blog was,” she says. “It was always expected of me — that I’d do something pretty out of the norm."

As soon as I earned any extra money, I put it toward my student loan debt so it wouldn’t be sitting in my bank account and I wouldn’t be thinking of other ways to spend it.

I started my blog as a hobby. I didn’t start it thinking I’d make an income from it. Six months later, I made my first $100 from my blog when a blogger friend who was already profiting from her blog connected me with an advertiser. I didn’t even know blogs could make money.

In the beginning, in May of 2012, I earned $500. And by December 2012, I was up to $5,700 that month. The month I paid off my student loans, July of 2013, I earned $11,000 that month.

Now, I’m making money in much different ways from just a few years ago. Before I was making money from sponsored posts and by writing for other blogs, and now the majority is through affiliate marketing — $50,000 a month is from that, and that’s the bulk of my income. There are 15-20 companies I actively promote on my social media and blog platform.

My husband has always wanted to live in an RV, and he spent a long time convincing me to live in an RV. There’s always a joke in the RV community that there’s always one person who wants to do it and then the other person has to spend years convincing the other person to do it. That’s pretty much how it was.

Our RV cost more than our house, but RVing can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be — just like with a normal home. There are cheap RVs, and there are RVs worth millions of dollars. It’s comparable to living in a home, but I have a different view all the time. There are free places to stay, but we mainly choose private campgrounds or state parks that cost money.

I work longer hours when I’m trying to get far ahead in my blog content. I currently do three blog posts a week...

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