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How do you value a domain name ?

Value of the domain depends on following factors.

1. Is your domain Pronounceable: Yes / No
2. What's your Domain Length: 
3. Whats the Premium Letters of your domain:
4. Is your domain already Developed:
5. Whats the domain's Indexed status:
6. Original Content of your domain:
7. Is your domain Previously Developed: Yes / No
8. What are the Development Possibilities of your domain:
9. What Revenue did your domain generate:
10. What are the Target Market(s):
11. What is the Keyword Value (cpc) of your domain:
12. How Keyword Competition is your domain: High / Low
13. What's the Competing Sites:
14. Is your domain a Dictionary Word:
15. Language Match Extension:
16. How many Backlinks does your have :
17. Similar Domain Sales:
18. Is there a TM on your domain name:
19. What's the buying Trend:
20. Your domain Age:
21. Whether other Extensions Taken:
22. Is your domain Brandable:
23. What are the Traffic and Sources:
24. What's the End-User Value:
25. Your domain's Reseller Value:

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